About Us

Welcome to KashmirHunt first digital marketing agency of kashmir, your ‘one stop shop’ where you are assisted with day-to-day and exclusive planning and Enhanced business visibility, Increased credibility for your brand , and Wider marketplace with a range of services. KashmirHunt offers products that enable small & medium size businesses generate business leads (online catalogs/store-fronts), establish their credibility (third party verified trust profile) and use business information (finance, news, trade shows, tenders) for their business promotion.

we are tailored to the unique needs of your audience and brand objectives . With the right digital marketing approach , you will see improved convertion rate , better user engagement , an overall boost in return on investment (ROI) and Web Development Our mission is to provide an e-platform, e-advertisement where the customers can receive quality services at a reasonable price.use the quality of our service to soon become well known throughout.

Our young passionate team of digital marketing enthusiasts comprising of specialists in insights and analytics, strategy and planning, search marketing, social media, content development, web design are always motivated to do world class work. We Satisfy real customers needs and serve real customers.Resource focus, organization and commitment to satisfy customer needs. Exceptional customer service that results in the loyalty of customers, repeat purchases by them and greater customer retention continuously making improvements to sustain a leadership position.so join hands with us as we will help you to establish a footprint on the world through the Digital medium, as we have done for so many other companies.

We take pride to our iconic customer support number, 7889652180 and the fact that we own a strong hold on local business information pan J&K
Our service extends from providing address and contact details of business establishments around the J&K, to making orders and hunt for leisure, medical, financial, travel and domestic purposes. We enlist business information across varied sectors like Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Restaurants, Auto Care, Home Decor, Personal and Pet Care, Fitness, Insurance, Real Estate, Sports, Spas, etc. from all over the Jammu & Kashmir
Our ‘Free Listing’ feature gives a platform to showcase varied specialties. We then furnish you with the information via phone, SMS, web, App and WhtsApp as well as, create a space for you to share your experiences through our ‘Rate & Review’ feature.

The company’s mission is ‘to make doing business easy’. Keeping this mission in mind, we come up with appropriate initiatives from time to time.

Core Values

Team Work

we understands, like an individual is incomplete with a social cohesion, and the society will fall apart without cooperation, any organization will equally fail to fetch any positive results without a proper team-work. In order to fetch good results, we believe in the ideal of team-work and work collaboratively with a group of people to identify our work as a collective goal. We have experts from the field of management, marketing, IT, arts, content & various other disciplines who work cordially as a team on every project, and our every endeavor.


Being responsible is the fundamental criterion of judging the work of any organization. Kashmir-hunt, in its essence believes in this ideal and have always preferred people, and opened doors for employees, whose responsible attitude weighs equally with their technical qualification. we are responsible, not just for quality work but for continuous self-development, of our decisions and of our actions. This helps us think rationally and provides a sense of accountability to ourselves, our commitment to customers and to our colleagues.


People often define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. It is the ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever it is you are doing based on the particular moral value or belief compass you have. we are aware about the ethical framework of working in the public sector and maintaining the ideal of integrity is what makes us dynamic and equally responsible.  the importance of being honest and having strong moral principles. We understand the responsibility that each member of our team has to shoulder and we do that with highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity – of purpose and action.


Kashmir hunt includes constant innovation and creativity. It continuously evolves, with new innovative ideas and thought process to get tangible benefits for our customers, taking into account the uniqueness of their purpose. Passionate people with a determination to make the difference are the ones who make this possible.
passion is an “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction”. This suggests that passion is a very intense emotion, but can be positive or negative.  Our Every employee is very passionate about their job to serve better.


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