This website is dedicated to my father—Ali Mohammad Khan—a man who was the backbone and hero of my life who taught me about principle of integrity, of dignity and honor. My father’s wisdom was not in his words but his actions. For his six children, he was equally present with all of them. He taught us to be fair, humble, kind, independent; to be a rebel, a hippie, and to be open. In him, we saw the gift of inherit, impeccable intelligence and the richness born from a devotion to order.

I strive to replicate his seemingly effortless dedication to self-love and personal care. Your spirit will forever dwell in my heart. I can feel you when the sun touches my skin and when the wind plays with the trees. I feel you all around me when I lay in the grass and when I howl at the full moon. I know you are now a part of everything and I feel your love surround me with every breath I take. I’ve never been so undeniably connected to someone as I am with you. if I only had five minutes the day when he passed away, I would have told him all the things I needed to say. I never got to tell him how much he meant to me, or that he was the best dad, better than any man could be.

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